Engage. Educate. Empower.

Patient-centred, gym-based physiotherapy for motivated individuals of any activity level.


Injury & Pain Management

Whether you are experiencing a new injury or a chronic one, an active physiotherapy and pain management program can help you navigate your way back to full function.

Post-operative Rehabilitation

Exercise-based rehab programs for post-surgical recovery: including ACL reconstruction, knee, hip, and shoulder arthroscopy, and joint replacement.

Resilience Programming

For those wishing to build resiliency and reduce the risk of recurrent injuries, an individualized resistance training program is a key component of a healthy lifestyle.

All visits at Quinn Taylor Physiotherapy are one-on-one. This means that you will never be double-booked and our conversation will be completely private and confidential. For a one-hour assessment, you will have 100% of my attention for the full hour. I believe that this is important because physiotherapy is an active and collaborative process between the patient and the guiding therapist. 


Initial Assessment (60 minutes) – $140
Follow-up (30 minutes) – $95
Follow-up (60 minutes) – $130 

For WCB & MPI claims, please contact via phone or email to book. 

I welcome Military members covered by Medavie Blue Cross and honour military pricing. 

Please note: I am a licensed physiotherapist. My services are covered by most insurance providers without physician referral. However, I do not direct bill to third party insurers with the exception of WCB, MPI, and Medavie Blue Cross for military members. If you have private physiotherapy insurance coverage, you will be provided with a PDF receipt, which you can submit for reimbursement.
If you have any questions about fees or insurance coverage, please contact me via email.


Quinn Taylor Physiotherapy is proud to offer assessment, treatment, and rehab coaching services within two of Winnipeg’s premiere CrossFit gyms. These two small businesses are owned and operated by recognized leaders in Winnipeg’s CrossFit community. Each location features a private assessment room as well as access to the full gym for movement assessment, coaching, and rehab training. These facilities are accessible, clean, well-equipped, and welcoming to all patients. Click on the images below to visit each facility’s website for more general information about these incredible businesses and what they have to offer!

Who is Quinn?

Quinn is a licensed physiotherapist in Winnipeg. He is a graduate of the Physical Therapy program at the University of Manitoba, where he is currently pursuing a post-graduate degree in Rehabilitation Sciences. Quinn has experience working with patients of all backgrounds and he takes a particular interest in guiding patients with exercise-related injuries, as well as those with chronic pain who wish to get back to their most meaningful activities. Quinn believes that mutual trust is the first priority in a therapeutic relationship. He aims to engage his patients to take an active role in their rehabilitation journey. With education about all aspects of the patient’s personal pain experience and a guided physical activity plan, Quinn helps to empower his patients to take charge of their recovery and take back their active lifestyle.

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